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Icodeon is an ADL Partner and SCORM Adopter.

SCORM Adopter and ADL Partner

CETIS Briefing

What is SCORM?

A short paper by Icodeon published by the Centre for Education Technology and Interoperability Standards.


SCORM is an internationally recognized format for exchanging Internet based e-Learning content.

... a complete SCORM 2004 run time environment designed to be rapidly integrated into e-Learning systems...

The Icodeon SCORM Player is a software module that empowers vendors of e-Learning systems to add the complete and latest SCORM feature set.
The Icodeon SCORM Player is available now on a 30 day evaluation programme.

Choose Java Edition or .NET Edition.
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Icodeon SCORM Player 30 Day Evaluation - Click Here

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Icodeon SCORM Player Online Demonstrator - Click Here The Icodeon SCORM Player is a web application added to a host e-Learning system.

The Player provides all SCORM tracking, sequencing and navigation functionality.

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The Icodeon SCORM Player is a highly customizable Internet solution supporting the latest versions of SCORM.

  • customizable look & feel
  • support for multiple languages
  • web services interfaces
  • plug-in architecure
  • extensive database suppport
The Icodeon SCORM Player provides many configuration and customization options, as well as plug-in extension points.

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Contact Icodeon in Cambridge, UK - Click Here Icodeon is based at the St Johns Innovation Centre in the "Silicon Fen" close to the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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SCORM stands for the "Shareable Content Object Reference Model".

The SCORM format is a type of content cartridge that is loaded into Internet based e-Learning systems.

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